Top Female Asian Celebrities Stateside

Porcelain beauties grace stages around the world, but some have settled in the U.S. or are homegrown. Rila Fukushima is one talented Japanese beauty who is best known for her appearance in The Wolverine in 2013 and Arrow.

Doona Bae, who appeared in Cloud Atlas back in 2012, made the puzzle-like film more appealing. She is of Korean decent, and acting runs in the family. She started out in a role we may all remember in 1999’s The Ring.

Jamie Chung is a natural beauty whose talents were discovered on The Real World. She easily made the jump into acting, where the Korean-American makes her mark in her debut Big Hero 6.

Another Korean, Claudia Kim, has made her splash on The Avengers as Doctor Helen Choi. In addition to the Age of Ultron, she is going to be in an upcoming feature, Equals.

A face that is now rather well known is Kimiko Glenn, for her role in Orange Is The New Black, the original Netflix series. It is an earth shattering show in that it marked the first time a streaming service delved successfully into producing a hit television show for the small screen.