The Best Remedies For Seaonal Allergies

There are many allergy medications at the local store, but the problem is they don’t really help in treating seasonal allergies, even though they attempt to treat the symptoms. Most allergy medications are known as anti-histamines, and this is because they halt histamine production the body initiates when it senses an allergen. This in return prevents the body from trying to get rid of the allergen.

Neti pots are among the most common items used to flush the sinus cavities. While it takes time and some adjustments to get used to neti pots, they are really effective and inexpensive. By mixing non-iodized salt with some water, the pollen grains are quickly rinsed away. All you have to do is put the salty water in the pot, bend over the sink with the head facing the side and pour about half of the water into one nostril. The water will come out of the other side, and you might need to rinse and repeat on the other side. This might sound uncomfortable, but it’s only a matter of time before you adjust.

Another common remedy for seasonal allergies is quercetin. This is simply a bioflavonoid that helps stop the release of histamine in the body. Quercetin is naturally found in foods like broccoli, tomatoes, tea, onions, apples and wine. You can also get supplements. However, this remedy should not be used by people with liver problems, pregnant or nursing.

Of course, there are many other natural allergy remedies available. Just do some research and you will find one that best works for you (and get permanent life insurance rates too).